It's just a test, Sir! AAR NUTS

The other day I found NUTS Second Edition Europe 1944, by THW. And as I have a bunch of African troops from my Africa Warlords project, I decided to use the miniatures to test this first mission.

 JUNE 1984 - You’re in command of a small group of assault troops in Bongolesia. Your unit has been deploy in a random point and is slowly reforming. You are alone with three men.
Your major concern is coming up onto the house. Here’s what the area is like.

A - Assaulting troops deployment, considered hidden. (Rebels troops)
B - NCO, LMG gunner and a soldier walking to the left forest. (Gubernatorial troops)
C - Soldier resting. (Gubernatorial troops)


First shoots that kill the LMG gunner and another trooper. The NCO survives 

 and taking the LMG shot to the enemies, without any success
 The stormtroopers shoot another time and kill the NCO

 The assailant advanced to the house, the soldier who was inside,
and terrified, hid in a corner.
The rebels surrounded the house, the leader shot inside, and the soldier reacted shooting
without success, while, the other soldiers entered the house, accomplishing the mission

 As ever, very good taste in the mouth... easy, fast and smooth... Maybe more scenarios... sure!

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