Ambush to the caravan

This weekend I could playtest my addition to the Wargaming in the XIX Century Europe by Neil Thomas. This addition expand the possibility of using Zulues and British in south Africa during the colonial wars.

 The basic additions are:

  Zulues move 12cm per turn, they fight as bearing muskets, using their spears (Assegai), they defend like Infantry in Column formation and for shoots they are considered Loose Infantry.

 Now, let's begin with the AAR.

 A British caravan must cross a conflictive zone transporting some goodies. The caravan is escorted by two Natal native horses battalions and a foot battalion. The Zulu side doesn't deploy any troop, however, it has six ambush markers hidden in the mountains and in the forest in the sides of the caravan path. During the first turn the Zulu side roll 2d6 and if any 6 is scored appear 1 riflemen unit or two Warrior Regiment (not elite) deployed per 6 scored. During the second turn the Zulu side roll 4d6 and acts in the same way that I explained before. With the third turn, roll 3d6. After this, each turn that the Zulu side win the Initiative, the player roll 1d6 and if gets a 6, appear one Zulue unit  in a random token.

So the Skirmish started in this way
 The white tokens where the possible Zulue troops.

 The British troops advanced, and front a side, begin the shoots form the skirmishers while another unit Zulu waits behind the brushes

The cavalry turns for assaulting  the skirmisher, but they shoot against the chargers causing two wound in the Cavalry unit.
So, they fall back
The British charge against the skirmishers and, this time, defeat the skirmishers 
The Zulus advance against the caravan, and the battle begins.

The yellow dice is the number of stand that remain in the Zulu unit

At the end, both armies are very reduced, so the Zulus quit the combat and flee from the combat.

 A interesting battle where the British Calvary had problems of manoeuvrability because of the small space, and the Zulus could not eliminate the  Cavalry and the British infantry punished hardly the Zulu troops.

 I am happy with the game and the development of the battle.

Totally recommendable.

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