Review: Labor of Gods

A few weeks ago I bought Labor of the Gods, a Goal system version for Mythical Greek Skirmish, between heroes and minions.

 The rule system follows titles of the company like SuperSystem, or the range "Chaos in...". The players get better results if they get 4+ in they rolls.

  In this ruleset Scott, the author, uses a simple stats configuration, only three elements: Prowess, Endurance and Spirit. All the other elements of the character stats are obtained adding dices to these three elements.

 The rules present a lot of ways to configure the characters, the player can choose blessings, backgrounds, and equipments that will convert our normal character in a Gods' son.

 I had bought Typhon rulebook from from Alternatives Armies, at it was very interesting because the characters came configured, and it had a lot spells for the heroes, perhaps, too much magic for a mythological world.... in this way LotG works giving to the player the option to have "Special rules", littles bonus, but your heroes won't be Supercharaters, I mean, a group of minions combating your with the same point cost, probably, will defeat your hero, so don't let him alone.

 Now a little AAR.

 Yesterday I-16 and me tried the game, two groups of warriors, leaded by two heroes have heard that in the field there where a god relic and they decided to find it and bring it at home.

Here you can see some photos of the event

 The high configurability of the game let us to deploy orcs, and goblins and troops sent from Hades against the Xyston's Greeks and Persians.

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  1. Definitivamente tengo que probarlo. Gracias por la breve review.